Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Baby Story

As some of you know we are expecting a baby girl in April. We were shocked by this news. I had been down with surgery and then had a pretty bad bladder/kidney infection hit me as we were to depart for our trip to Kansas to see Brady's family. I was so sick and not sure about taking the sixteen hour road trip but decided even if I was sick on the way over, I would enjoy my time there. And, I could not stand the thought of making Brady miss out on his family. He misses his Dad more than words can say and I knew he needed to spend some time with him. So, we loaded up, me with a pan to puke in just in case.

The journey was miserable. I got three migraines and couldn't keep much down. My boys were angels. They did not fight, they listened, and they didn't give me any trouble. We got in late at night just as I started another migraine. I lose my vision and start to get very sick so I went in the house and went right to bed. (I was loads of fun at this time I have to say.) Brady and the boys visited that night for a bit and then also went to bed.

The rest of the trip I was better than those first few days, but still didn't feel well at all. The doctor called me about midway through and said I also had another type of infection in the bladder, which meant another antibiotic. He also switched the first antibiotic as I was having an allergic reaction to it. I started those medications with much faith that I would now see an improvement.

I tried to go and do as much as I could and hated myself for being weak. I thought, really Krista, toughen up. People get sick, deal with it. But, I was admittedly miserable.

After we made is home I felt a little better, but not much, and some of the symptoms just would not go away. I saw my Doctor at this point and was treated with another antibiotic, which I was again allergic to. So upon a second visit and this time a clear urine test, he decided to send me to ultrasound to see if there might be a cyst on my kidney.

I laid there as the girl started the test thinking how funny it was to be here not for a baby. She said the kidneys looked great, quite a relief! I had honestly begun to think I may have some deathly disease, family history would point one in that direction. She kept scanning and I wondered why. So, I asked. She looked at me and said, "Do you see that little dark area, that sac?" Yes, I did. She said, "Is there any chance you could be pregnant?" "No," I answered with firm resolve. I then informed her I didn't get pregnant. Then felt the need to explain....which made matters worse. I told her "NO, I have to try to get pregnant." I really should have shut up at this point but again felt I had to explain. (I know it's I told her about the fertility problems we had experienced and that I really didn't think I could be pregnant. She suggested I go get a test.

So, off to the clinic in tears I went. Could this be? How could it happen? (Oh don't worry I embarrassed myself further and actually asked the doctor that.) I started to think back to periods and dates. I couldn't remember the last one. I had been so sick and laid up with surgery that I hadn't thought about it, it wasn't a concern.

Needless to say the test was positive. I went back for another ultrasound and she so sweetly let me know I was about 7 weeks pregnant. I have never been so shocked in all my life. I remember walking through that day and the next two weeks like a zombie. Oh how my life would change! I know it sounds funny to think it wasn't all joy and happiness after trying six years for little Fred. But, it was so shocking! And I have very serious concerns about the NICU. My body doesn't do well with pregnancy and I didn't want to put another baby through that.

I have since mellowed out a little. I feel a little better, which helps immensely. I am grateful to be blessed with this pregnancy. I have started contractions, dilating, and thinning. But, the Doc is on top of it and I have to have faith that by doing all I can Heavenly Father will do the rest.

My sweet husband has worked, lived on as little as one hour of sleep, made dinner some nights, cleaned, and loved me through it all. I love him so much and am grateful for his love. My boys are amazing. Dylan picks up, does what I can't, he hauls Fred's fat little butt around, and he cuddles up to me when I don't feel well. Fred loves me through it all. His sweet little loves and hugs helps me through the days.

I wouldn't be the person I am today without my parents. And I can guarantee I would not be handling this pregnancy and it's trials without them either. They are so strong and so very generous. They have always went without to see that us kids had what we needed and wanted, and they continue to do so. I love them more than words could say and hope they know how much I appreciate all they do.

I have always been close to my Grandparents, and am so grateful. They have also done so much for me. They have taught me so much and been so generous through my life. I feel like it's a gift to have them in my life and now in my children's lives. I love them all so much!


Shauni Kaye said...

Krista- That is such exciting news. I will definitely keep you and baby in our prayers. I bet the boys are so happy. Congrats on the pregnancy!

Me said...

That is so exciting, congrats, and good luck! You're boys are sure cute and getting so big!

Lacy said...

Congratulations krista! I hope everything goes well for you. You are going to have such a sweet and adorable baby girl! I can't wait to meet her!